Try Before You Buy (TBYB) Program

  • Am I allowed to wash the carrier?

    Can I wash it? As part of the Try Before You Buy rules, you must get permission from the Team (in the Group Messenger Chat) before washing a TBYB carrier. First, see if it I can be spot cleaned: Buncha Farmers stain stick from Little Zen One is an amazing option. If you don’t have that, use ...
  • Can I get help with the carrier?

    Yes! First, please check out our super helpful playlists of tutorials here You can also share photos in our FB group, little zen one chatter, or send a private message to for a personalized fit check
  • Can I keep the carrier?

    Yes, you can buy the carrier you have on hand with a 15% discount and free shipping! Just let us know in our Facebook chat if you’d like to keep it and she will send you an invoice.
  • Can I skip or delay my turn in the Try Before You Buy (TBYB) program if I'm going to be away?

    Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to coordinate skips or delays in the program. The TBYB slots are scheduled tightly to ensure everyone gets a fair chance to participate, for free.
  • Do I need to be in the Little Zen One Chatter Facebook Group?

    Yes! We will communicate with you primarily through Facebook Messenger.
  • Do we have to share photos?

    Do you HAVE to? Absolutely not! Do we love to see them!? Absolutely yes! 😍 When you sign-up, on the form, we ask for your permission to use any photos you send us and you can say no. If you do decide to share a post in our Facebook Group, Little Zen One Chatter, each post counts as an entry in o...
  • Do you add new carriers to the program?

    Yes, we switch them up often. On average, an individual carriers are in the program 4-6 months. When we see less interest in a wrap/carrier, we will sell it in Little Zen One Chatter and add a new one. If you want to try something specific, please reach out to our Customer Service team.
  • Do you have any smoking or pet restrictions?

    Yes. Please keep the carrier away from any type of smoke (wood, cigarette, etc.) We do not have any restrictions on pets in the homes of hosts.
  • How do I find where I am on the waitlist?

    You can find the waitlist here, It will be updated every 7 days.
  • How do I Sign-Up to Try Before You Buy?

    To sign up for our free Try Before You Buy (TBYB) Program, you will need to: 1. Fill out the form here 2. Join our fun Facebook group Little Zen One Chatter. You can find General information here.
  • How much is shipping?

    USA Typical shipping costs from USPS can be between $7-14. In Canada, typical shipping costs are between $12-$25. If you have a ChitChats location near you, we can create a label for you! We will charge a flat fee of $15. Use this form to request one.
  • Is the program available where I live?

    The Try Before You Buy is available in all of the United States (including Alaska Hawaii and Puerto Rico) & Canada.
  • My carrier came brand new. What do I do?

    Please reach out to us in the Facebook Messenger group chat for washing and care instructions. We recommend you wash the carrier before using it for the first time. We will add two days to your time with the carrier, (so you ship on day 10) for the extra wash and dry time You can remove the retai...
  • What carriers are available to try?

    You can find this info On the sign up form On our website  - which includes links to the exact products!
  • What if I love the carrier, but want another style?

    You can ship on the carrier to the next host, send a message to to obtain your one-time 10% off code.
  • What is Try Before You Buy?

    As a Babywearing Consultant, it is important for me to offer you a large variety of carriers to try, free of charge. You can sign up to Host as many baby carriers as you'd like, for one week each. Find the full information page here.
  • Where do I ship the carrier?

    You will get an email with a reminder that your ship date is coming up. The address will be in our group chat on Facebook Messenger.