How do I wash a DidyGo or DidyTai?

1. loosen the toggle to open to the widest setting.
2. Load in machine alone.
3. Set temperature to low or medium, on the Delicate setting.
4. Add a small amount of detergent with no optical brighteners* if it doesn't say no optical brighteners, it has them.
 Not sure? Use a half cup of vinegar instead. We like to load some in the wash and some in the fabric softener compartment.
Hang to dry. When it is almost dry, but still damp, you can pop in the dryer on LOW for 10 minutes.
If you'd like to iron, please check the care tag. Most can be ironed on medium heat. It will help soften
Little Zen One recommends low scent or no scent detergent with no Optical Brighteners; such as: Nature Clean Liquid, Seventh Generation Liquid, Ecos Free and Clear and Ecover (In the US).
Still have questions? Please message Customer Service and we'll help you out.
Apr 12, 2023

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