• Can I order something not on your site?

      Don't see an item from one of our brands but you want it!?We can help.Send our Customer Service team a message with details of the item you are looking for and we'll do our best to help you out.
  • Can I wear the Babywearing Cover over any carrier?

    Yes! It is designed to be worn over any type of Baby carrier. 
  • Can you wear a child on yoru back under the Babywearing Coats, Hoodies, and Jackets?

    Yes, you can!   The Babywearing Coats, Jackets, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and Sweaters all can be worn while you are back carrying a little one   Additionally, the Coats and Jackets come with two Babywearing inserts, so you can wear a child on your front and a child on your back at the same time.
  • How do I pick an Integra fabric type?

    Please see our helpful guide to the Prints, Linens, Essentials, Solar, and Collaborations.
  • How do I wash a DidyGo or DidyTai?

        Washing: 1. loosen the toggle to open to the widest setting. 2. Load in machine alone. 3. Set temperature to low or medium, on the Delicate setting. 4. Add a small amount of detergent with no optical brighteners* if it doesn't say no optical brighteners, it has them.  Not sure? Use a half c...
  • How do I wash a woven wrap?

    We feel that all woven wraps be washed prior to their first use.While they come ready-to-wear, you’ll find the first use much more enjoyable after a wash and dry! For the full Washing Guide, click here.    
  • How do I wash my DidyKlick?

    Didymos products come ready-to-wear  but you’ll find the first use much more enjoyable after a wash and dry. This will also help "set the weave" which is important.Your DidyKlick will arrive slightly larger to allow for shrinkage.   Please see full instructions in the DidyKlick Washing Guide.
  • How do I wash silk, linen or hemp?

      Silk Silk should be hand-washed with very cool water, max. 30°C.Silk should be laid flat to dry and not be exposed to sun during the drying period because it can fade. You can iron silk on a low setting, but do not spray water on it while ironing.   Linen Linen wraps may arrive a but stiff...
  • How do I wash wool?

    Wool can felt and become unsafe for use if not cared for properly. Wool should be hand washed in tepid water with wool wash, like Eucalan or Soak.   Use very little friction when washing, just try to let it be and enjoy it's bath!The product should be gently pressed to get rid of excess water,...
  • How to break in a woven wrap?

    Using the wrap is the very best way to break it in!Our favorite way is to fold the wrap in half, and sleep with it under your fitted sheet.   You can also sit on it in the car or at work to help. Please do not wash wraps often, like jeans, wraps will stiffen up after a wash.If you want more t...
  • What Baby Tula carrier do I need?

  • What do the different weaves mean?

    Please see our helpful guide to Didymos weaves here.
  • What is Circola and an N-tag technology?

    Circola - Some LennyLamb products come with a unique N-tag. Simply place your phone with an NFC reader* near the tag to access a wealth of information about your product: tutorials, color, size, model, fabric blend and weight, production date, and a unique serial number. For more tutorials and m...
  • What is Softshell?

              Softshells are Warmer than a Rain Jacket or Hardshell jacketRain jackets and hardshells are just that—thin shells designed to keep moisture out—a Softshell Jacket or Coat is thicker and includes a light interior lining. It is waterproof and breathable.
  • What's the difference between DidyKlick and DidyKlick 4u?

    The carrier is exactly the same, except for the waist belt. DidyKlick 4u has a slightly curved waist belt. The new, ergonomically shaped waist belt moulds to your body, evenly distributing your child’s weight. An elastic strap ensures ideal positioning and secure fastening of the buckle. The w...
  • Where can I see Product Reviews?

    You can see all Verified Reviews here!